WP1 – Coordination of the project


The objectives of this work package include the coordination and management of all activities in the project, the establishment of conditions assuring the committed bilateral relationship with the European Commission, and the development of all required measures to warrant that the implementation of the project accomplishes the conditions of feasibility and quality that have been committed. This latter objective will be shared in close contact with WP3 (evaluation).
Consequently, objectives of the project will be:

  1. Coordination of the bilateral relationship with the European Commission, including administrative and financial matters.
  2. Coordination of the activities listed in the different work packages.
  3. Optimal management to assure that the objectives, results and deliverables in the project are of the agreed quality and that are accomplished within the time and the resources allocated. This objective will be implemented in close collaboration with WP3 (evaluation).
  4. Management of risk, including contingency plans.

This WP will be implemented by UVEG, the coordinating partner, and will be assisted by all other partners. UVEG will keep a close collaboration with WMU, the leader of WP3, along the implementation of the WP.



Code Title Leader Deadline
D1.1 Plan for Risk UVEG jan-16
D1.2 MD.1 Interim report(s) UVEG oct-16
D1.3 MD.2 Final Report UVEG apr-18



Code Title Leader Deadline
MS19 Project Coordination and Management Plan UVEG aug-15