WHAT IS ReQuest?

ReQuest is a web-based clinimetrics service. Design screenings, surveys, tests or assessments with ease. Then, have people fill them out and manage the results securely. Features ReQuest is designed as an easy-touse screening tool. Create a new screening in a couple of minutes. Screening database Many standardised screenings are available to use out-of-the box. Responsive ReQuest is responsive and hence looks good on every screen size.


ReQuest allows to create a new screening in a couple of minutes, using one of many standardised screenings available to use out-of-the box.

The platform is responsive and hence works on every screen size. This supports the dynamic nature of healthcare processes.

Request supports the following process:

  1. Analyse symptoms and medical issues.

  2. Design a fitting screening to investigate symptoms in detail.
  3. Gather results, digitally or on paper.

  4. Analyse results.