FOCUS posters on the EIP on AHA A3 meeting at the University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands.

The FOCUS partners presented several posters during the EIP on AHA A3 meeting at the University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands, that occurred last 23-24 of January 2018.

Frailty management Optimisation through EIP AHA Commitments and Utilisation of Stakeholders Input, provides a global overview of the FOCUS project activities and results.



Comparative analysis of Frailty between the ExtraCare and CARMEN commitments, refers to the Pilot studies that run in England and Spain.



Indicators and Information standards for Frailty Management is the result of a collaboration between FOCUS project and Trillium Bridge II. It addresses issues related to the flow of quality information for and about frail people on their health-illness trajectory and the rule of indicators and patient summary on the coordination of holistic services for frail older citizens. 


Using ICT to improve adherence to physical activity. An Educational program with postmenopausal women reports on the impact of an educational program that aimed to develop basic skills in the use of WhatApp, email and Facebook, assuming that these technologies would help to increase adherence to physical activity.





Symptoms and quality of life in women of advanced age as assessed with the MRS scale reports on the assessment of symptoms of postmenopausal women as evaluated by the MRS scale.