ESAM S.L. is an innovative private company, started as a spin-off of the University of Valencia. ESAM has developed products and services for web based surveys. For this ESAM has developed a unique extensible survey management tool “e-nquest”, which enables the creation and publication of all kind of complex surveys. The tool was successfully tested in different large scale surveys for the Spanish Ministries of Education and Health Care.

Together with the University, ESAM deploys and maintains traffic information exchange systems based on the European standard Datex-2 and a generic decision support tool mainly aiming at Inci-dent management. ESAM has a specialized business unit, named mediadd, focused on e-health sys-tems, and our mission is to support the sustainability of the health system performing in depth medi-co-economic analysis, through the development of advanced software and theoretical advanced methods.
In FOCUS project, ESAM participates in WP1, WP2 and WP7, leading the task 7,4 "Sustainability: assessment of the impact of the changes through health economy evaluation".