Wroclaw Medical University is one of the biggest medical universities in Poland; it is the largest centre for education and clinical and scientific research in the south-west of Poland. Wroclaw Medical University actively participates in all projects for the advances in science, entrepreneurship, technological innovation, both with public authorities, local governments, and enterprises. WMU has 22 international agreements of co-operation signed with other universities abroad.


The university is involved in the research and educational programmes: the 5th, 6th, 7th Framework Programme, COST, SOCRATES-ERASMUS, Leonardo da Vinci and others. The university is a partner of many leading companies and business clusters, such as the Wroclaw Research Centre EIT +, Wroclaw Medical Science and Technology Park, e-Health Cluster, University Centre for Technology Transfer, Cluster “Knowledge and Innovation Community for Information and Communication Technologies”, Consortium – Wroclaw Institute of Public Health and others. Although Wroclaw Medical University has no technical character, it has obtained about 450 patents for inventions, including several in European countries. In 2002 Wroclaw Medical University achieved ISO 9001 certification. WMU has received the ISO 9001 certificate as the first medical university in Poland. Department of Family Medicine has been established in 1994 year within Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Training and fulfils its mission by developing and representing the specialty of family medicine in the region, fostering and maintaining high standards of medical education and research.


The department has an expertise in family medicine, public health and geriatric research and comprehensive holistic care of elderly and can contribute in biological aging measurements, psychosocial clinical evaluation of elderly, social innovation initiatives for the ageing population and their care givers, training and education initiatives for health care professionals involved in the care of elderly but also in creating a positive image of elders and aging in the media in collaboration with local stakeholders.