The FOCUS project is organized in seven work packages. To learn more about the work in progress, click on the title of each work package.


WP1 – Coordination of the project

Lead partner: UVEG

Deliverables D1.1 Plan for risk management;
D1.2 Interim report;
D1.3 Final report;


WP2 – Dissemination of the project

Lead partner: UAVR

Deliverables D2.1 FOCUS website;
D2.2 Leaflet;
D2.3 Dissemination plan;
D2.4 Dissemination report;
D2.5 Layman version of the final report;


WP3 – Evaluation of the project

Lead partner: WMU

Deliverables D3.1 Plan and methodology design for the process evaluation;
D3.2 Interim evaluation report;
D3.3 Final evaluation report;


WP4 – Synthesis of learning and realities of practice

Lead partner: ARCHA

Deliverables D4.1 Report on syntdesis of learning and realities of practice;


WP5 – Analyses and guidelines development

Lead partner: IRCCS

Deliverables D5.1 Analysis Plan;
D5.2 Report on comparative analysis and guidelines for decision making;


WP6 – Creation of Network and Platform for knowledge exchange

Lead partner: EVERIS

Deliverables D6.1 Report on the PKE functionalities;


WP7 – Test of guidelines in a set of commitments

Lead partner: UVEG

Deliverables D5.1 Methodology plan for guidelines in a set of commitments;
D5.2 Outcomes of the test of guidelines report;