WP7 - Test of guidelines in a set of commitments

WP7 - Test of guidelines in a set of commitments


The objective of this work package (WP) is to verify the performance of the service, i.e. to test the responsiveness and the applicability of the guidelines and modules generated in WP5, when applied to optimise real world commitments. Consequently, the present WP will act as a test, which should allow for additional fine-tuning of the proposed actions.

The selected commitments directly involved in the test will be those presented by the EIPAHA partners participating in the current consortium. Indeed the consortium has been already selected to represent different European regions and to reflect, within EIPAHA, the mix of fields of action specified by the Call, i.e. frailty screening and frailty management.


Specific objetives will be:

  1. To perform a baseline assessment of the characteristics, progressions and achievements of each commitment to detect gaps compared with the best practice aas proposed by the guidelines on the Platform for Knowledge Exchange (PKE) and define a strategy for optimisation to aim at best practice.
  2. To develop the actual process of implementation.
  3. To measure the service upon indicators of impact, feasibility and satisfacion, and obtain a thorough insight into the implementation experience through the completion of diaries and questionnaires by participants to elicit difficulties encountered during the process.
  4. To estimate the monetary value of the changes introduced through health economy (budget impact) analysis.



D7.1 Methodology Plan for Guidelines in a set of commitments UVEG may-17
D7.2 Outcomes of the Test of Guidelines Report UVEG mar-18



MS18 Definition of the optimization strategy for each commitment. UVEG jun-17