WP6 - Creation of Network and Platform for Knowledge exchange

WP6 - Creation of Network and Platform for Knowledge exchange


The objetive is double. The Network Committee, integrating the representatives from stakeholders together with the partners in the consortium, will be constituted. The Network Committee will represent the network that, supported by the ICT platform, will be responsible of the prepetuation of the service. A continuous process of optimization will be then offered whether the conditions of sustainability are met. This will be the organism materializing knowledge sharing between actors (partners and stakeholders) as well as the exchange that should act as a fertile factor in the long term.

The other objetive of this work package is to develop an ICT platform that facilitates the consolidation of the network and supports further implementation of best practices. The technival support for the perpetuation of the service in the long-run will be thus provided. For this, this work package focusese on one hand on the develpment of a knowledge sharing ICT infrastructure. On the other hand it focuses on the development of an ICT infrastructure that can be used to make the good practice more widely accesible.



D6.1 Report on the PKE functionalities EVERIS mar-18



MS14 Definition of functional and non-functional requirements of the users UVEG apr-16
MS15 Obtaining of the functional and technical requirements for ICT platform EVERIS aug-16
MS16 Design of architectures EVERIS aug-16
MS17 Alpha version of the platform EVERIS apr-17