WP4 - Synthesis of learning and realities of practice

WP4 - Synthesis of learning and realities of practice


The overall objective of WP4 is to synthesise the current reality of what we already know and what is happening across the EU. This will further enable the analysis in WP5, leading towards the optimisation and guidelines for screening and intervention for frail and pre-frail patients.

The specific objectives of this work package will be:

  1. o synthesise and define what we already know about what works in screening and interventions for frailty and pre-frailty from the published literature.
  2. To elicit the priorities, needs, expectations and concerns of stakeholders, such as patients, providers, NGOs, carers and policy makers.
  3. To use the outcomes of 1-2 to determine the reality of findings and structures of current Good Practices within the EIP AHA portfolio, with a survey to contributors to elicit details such as definitions and measures of frailty used, barriers and bottlenecks, enabling conditions, successful outcomes and evaluation criteria and measures used.
  4. To contribute outcomes to the set of recommendations that will be synthesized by WP5 to inform practice, policy and lifestyle.
  5. To transfer the details of the survey in WP4 for use in WP5 for comparative effectiveness analyses.



D4.1 Plan and methodology design for the process evaluation ARCHA dec-16



MS5 Meta-synthesis of existing qualitative studies or stakeholders' perceptions and needs in regards to frailty IRCCS-MN aug-15
MS6 Definition of survey template as precursor for structured database IRCCS-MN oct-15
MS7 Definition of focus group topics based on emerging reviews IRCCS-MN jul-15
MS8 Survey to EIP AHA partners, receipt of responses ARCHA apr-16
MS9 Availability of outcomes of tasks to plan focus group with policy makers ARCHA aug-16