WP3 - Evaluation of the project

WP3 - Evaluation of the project


This Work Package (WP) is responsible for continuously evaluating the project on an ongoing basis with close cooperation with the WP1. This will ensure that any potential problems or delays are identified at an early stage and that each WP maintains momentum to achieve the proposed goals and objectives within the project timetable. Additionally, a thorough process evaluation will help to ensure that our project is operating as we intended and will enhance its effectiveness as it proceeds.


Main objective

To look for possible barriers and opportunities through:

  1. Support of management by providing quality control.
  2. Monitor and review milestones and deliverables.
  3. Monitor and review achievement of objectives as against indicators.



  • Create a data-base of all outputs and actions of the project, including milestones, deliverables and indicators to use as a management tool to document and judge performance against the proposal.
  • Interacting on regular basis (every three months) with all project partners – all barriers and delays will be discussed and measures/strategies to overcome difficulties will be suggested - - in this way errors will be not cumulative. Interaction will be done through e-mail, tele-calls, skype conferences and videoconferences as needed.
  • Participating in the review of all written outputs.
  • Questionnaire evaluation – described in the section “Description of work”.


This WP will be implemented by UVEG, the coordinating partner, and will be assisted by all other partners. UVEG will keep a close collaboration with WMU, the leader of WP3, along the implementation of the WP.



D3.1 Plan and methodology design for the process evaluation WMU jul-15
D3.2 Interim Evaluation Report WMU oct-16
D3.3 Final Evaluation Report WMU apr-18



MS2 Introduction of the evaluation plan WMU jun-15
MS3 Process and outcomes evaluation before the Progress Report WMU mar-16
MS4 Process and outcomes evaluation after the Progress Report WMU mar-17