WP2 - Dissemination of the Project

WP2 - Dissemination of the Project


WP2 is resposible for the sissemination of project results and the creation of the conditions that will guarantee a sustainable impact to the project, once it is completed. UAVR will be responsible of the WP leadership, but several activities will be shared by all the other partners. EVERIS, will build the web site and the other partners will develop activities that will take the corresponding support in resources.

The objetives of WP2 are:

  1. To develop the project communication infrastructure, including the FOCUS Website (public and private areas).
  2. To elaborate a successful sissemination plan, taking into consideration target specificities and open access in order to reach out to all target groups identified.
  3. To design, prepare and produce a wide array of FOCUS dissemination material and events.
  4. To conduct scientific dissemination in top class journals and conferences.
  5. To conduct market dissemination and to foster the FOCUS ecosystem development, in order to attain the sustainability of the FOCUSnetwork after the completion of the project.
  6. To foster meaningful links with FOCUS related initiatives in other projects and countries by means of the FOCUS External Expert Board, where collaborating stakeholders will be represented.



D2.1 MD.5 FOCUS Website EVERIS jul-15
D2.2 MD.3 Leaflet UAVR jul-15
D2.3 Dissemination plan UAVR oct-15
D2.4 Dissemination report UAVR apr-18
D2.5 MD.4 Layman version of the final report UAVR apr-18



MS1 FOCUS Communication and Report of Activities Plan UAVR oct-15