University of Aveiro (UAVR) is one of the leading universities in Portugal, being rated in 2011 as the best University in the country by the Times Higher Education (THE). With app. 15.000 students, UAVR has 16 Academic Departments and 4 Polytechnic Schools. UAVR will be represented in this project by the Institute of Electronics Engineering and Telematics of Aveiro (IEETA), a research in-stitute engaged with biomedical studies and biomedical informatics for the last 20 years (


Good collaboration with the Department of Econom-ics, Management and Industrial Engineering (DEGEI), the Department of Health Sciences (DSS) and the Health School (ESSUA) enables IEETA participation in a broad spectrum of projects.


UAVR team has expertise in areas that are relevant to FOCUS project, such as process modelling, HTA and evaluation methodologies in general, trials implementation and evaluation, quality of life, elderly care, economics, community building and dissemination models and activities in physical and virtual space, large scale integration, eHealth, mHealth, AAL, bioinformatics, computational biology, biomedical informatics, information retrieval, data mining, biomedical data integration, visualization, distributed applications, web systems and bioinformatics tools, knowledge maangement, integrated care, business models, health marketing.

IEETA is participating/has participated in several EU projects, e.g., EMIF, HOMECARE, AAL4ALL, GEN2PHEN, EU-ADR, eTRENDS, INFOBIOMED, EURHOMAP.


In FOCUS project, UAVR is responsible for WP2 Dissemination of the project and collaborates with the others partners in WP1 Coordination of the project, WP3 Evaluation of the project, WP4 Synthe-sis of learning and realities of practice, WP5 Analysis and guidelines development, WP6 Creation of Network and Platform for knowledge exchange, WP7 Test of guidelines in a set of commitments. 
UAVR is member of the EIPAHA Action Group A3 and Action Group D4.