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Closing meeting of FOCUS project and the workshop in Valencia

FOCUS Project

The internal closing meeting of the FOCUS project took place on the 11th-12th April 2018 in the historical building of the Rector's Office of the University of Valencia. Partners from Poland, Portugal, England, Holland, Italy and Spain presented their contributions and intensively debated about different areas of the project.


Outcomes and experiences were incorporated into a broader agenda the following day, 13th April, during a workshop entitled “Healthy Ageing in Europe: Opportunities and the way ahead”.


The coordinator of the FOCUS project, Prof A. Cano, invited several experts who explained their experiences and points of view on healthy ageing in Europe. There was a big panel focusing on the big consortia emerging across different member states in Europe. This included the ECHAlliance ecosystems as well as the reference sites. The workshop also included a panel on reflection of the long-term effects of the Health European projects. Also, and in an attempt to stress the value given to stakeholders in FOCUS, there were testimonies from people who participated in the different studies performed inside the FOCUS project. The views of companies and of researchers was also debated.