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FOCUS aims to critically reduce the burden of frailty in Europe by developing methodologies and tools to assist entities focusing on early diagnosis, screening and management of frailty to achieve scalability.

Frailty is a common clinical syndrome in older adults that brings an increased risk for poor health outcomes including falls, incident disability, hospitalization and mortality. Read more...


ReQuest is a web-based clinimetrics service. Design screenings, surveys, tests or assessments with ease. Then, have people fill them out and manage the results securely. Features ReQuest is designed as an easy-touse screening tool. Read more...

Delphi Panel of the FOCUS Project
Members of the FOCUS project
Frailty, commonly associated with aging, includes several characteristics. Frail older adults are weak, often have many complex.
The FOCUS project is organized in seven work packages. To learn more about the work in progress.
The FOCUS Project is synthesizing existing published evidence on frailty screening and management from around the world.
The FOCUS Consortium brings together a multidisciplinary team of specialists from 10 organizations in 6 countries.